eaving his father’s funeral, Sean discovers a note about an older half-brother named Henry that he never knew. When Sean arrives at Henry’s house, he meets Kate, the mysterious man’s stepdaughter. She is beautiful, disarming and instantly captivating.   Kate informs Sean that Henry is a dangerous criminal who sells drugs on the streets of Downtown LA. She agrees to help Sean find Henry, but not without fair warning. As Sean spends time with Kate, he begins to fall for her, but nothing is really as it seems. As Sean gets closer to uncovering the truth, he wonders whom it is that he should really suspect.  

Director’s Statement

When I began writing I LIVE FOR YOU with Brandon Zinn, it was our intention to create a love story about two people, with a “larger than life” storyline. We let our two lead characters, Sean (Robert Hook) and Kate (Hannah Telle), drive themselves and the action to the most heightened places we could imagine. We found ourselves with a fun, funny and surreal love story that was fantastical, yet grounded and idiosyncratic. At its core, our film is about opposing forces: it’s about the masks we wear to survive, and it’s about the truths that live underneath those masks. Ultimately, it is a story about transcendence. The exploration that is the heart of this story and its characters proved to be a painstaking mirror of my own – terrifying and disorienting, but also filled with joy and exuberant possibility. It has been essential work for me – as a woman who wants to live and love well and as a director who wants to share truths about what it means to be human. It is my hope that I LIVE FOR YOU will make you smile and laugh (and sing!) at the seriousness and absurdity of it all.
~Monika Wesley